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COVID-19 Procedures 

In Suffolk the transmission rate (R Value) of Coronavirus is minimal. However, I realize we are living in a new world and the health of my clients and myself are paramount. I have a duty of care and therefore I will be following guidance from the UK Government and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) on COVID-19 prevention.

(Please read to help us all keep safe)

My new procedures are: 

​-A full COVID risk assessment was carried out for both onsite and mobile massage

​-I will wear a face visor and mask for all treatments 

-Clients will be given a disposable mask if requested for their treatment

-Clients are asked to bring their own water for after the treatment (or given water in a disposable cup)

-Clients are asked to arrive on time for their treatments and depart when finished with their aftercare instructions. 

-Clients may cancel their appointments at any time if experiencing COVID symptoms (fever, persistent cough, loss of sense of taste or smell, sore throat).

​-Clients should cancel their appointment if in contact in the past 2 weeks with someone who had COVID or suspected of COVID based on the symptoms above. 

-Clients at all times will have access to tissues and if they need to sneeze or cough should do so into the tissue which will then be discarded appropriately. The client will then be given hand sanitizer. 

-Clients that are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID may be denied massage treatment. Clients that are vulnerable to COVID should have GP permission for treatments.

​-I will cancel the appointment at any time if I have any of the above symptoms or contact within 2 weeks of someone with COVID.

-As always I will wash my hands before and after treatments

-Cleaning procedures will disinfect and wash everything used prior to the next client

​-I will limit the number of clients seen per day to two and per week to five in order to help with contact tracing should that be needed. 

-Ventilating my massage room by opening windows and doors

-Providing hand sanitizer and asking clients to wash their hands before and after their treatments

-I encourage cashless forms of payment (including contactless, credit cards and direct deposits) but will still take cash if needed.