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Hawaiian Lomilomi massage combines the best elements of Swedish, aromatherapy, sports and deep tissue massage into an energizing event that utilizes long, flowing strokes to transform the client emotionally, physically and mentally. Yes Lomilomi massage is transformational. It is a feast for the senses.

 "Lomi, in essence, is like floating on a raft in a peaceful lake.  You are invited to deeply relax and release stress, to clear your mind and allow yourself to simply be in the moment."

​For many who come and experience Lomi for the first time, they often describe it as "the best massage experience ever".

Lomilomi is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing. Hawaiian massage seeks to give the client an awareness of their own energy and restore harmony and balance to both their mind and spirit.

A lomilomi practitioner anoints clients with oil using their forearms and hands, applying long rhythmic strokes that can be soft, medium or strong in intensity and depth. Often the client has emotional releases due to the powerful influences that this sensual massage can bring about. Touch is such an intense sense and the lomilomi practitioner always strives to maintain contact with their client for the duration of the 90-minute massage. It is virtually impossible to perform such a delicate, intense, long, flowing routine in a shorter time period.

Lomi-lomi benefits your muscles, circulation, lymphatics, immune system and digestive systems. Lomilomi is emotionally, physically and mentally invigorating and can release the stress of a modern day world.

Lomilomi involves long flowing moves by the therapist from the top of the body (shoulder/head) down to the client’s toes in one continuous connected movement. Unlike the other massage modalities which work on one body part at a time (for example the back of one leg); Lomilomi moves from one area of your body to another in rapid succession leaving you unable to contemplate what the practitioner is doing or why or how. Instead you find yourself just relaxing. Your mind will clear and your brain will nurture.  As your breathing calms, your energy flow increases.

Lomilomi is more than just a physical massage- it is a healing event, which harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

“Once you experience a lomilomi massage you will never want to go back to a traditional massage again”. 

Here is a blog post from a client who describes her Hawaiian Lomilomi massage in detail.