Massage Therapy

Sam Hendricks Massage

"You can get a massage anywhere. I provide an experience. And it’s the little things that make this experience great. Let me take you on a journey."

What is a mobile massage?    I recently wrote an editorial for the Bury St. Edmunds and Moreton Hall Directories where I explained the process.  A mobile massage simply means I come to your home, business, hotel or lodging. The greatest benefit is you do not need to travel-no worries about transport, parking or traffic. I come to you when you want, for as long as you want and with the type of massage you want. I will bring my mobile massage table and towels and oils. You can even choose to use your own music or towels if you like. And of course you set the mood with the lighting and privacy of your own surroundings. 

What can I expect during a massage session?​ First, I will set up my massage table with a cover, towels, pillow and bolster. Next, I always start each session with a short consultation with you about your health issues. Once we have discussed your objectives and decided on how to proceed  I will leave the room to wash my hands and allow you to get comfortable on the massage table under a large modesty towel or sarong. I will enter once you are ready and start some soothing music and begin the massage. 

Is there a proper etiquette for a massage?​ You can talk as much or as little as you like. It is your time to relax and I respect that. If you speak to me I will answer, but I will not bother you with chit chat. Anything we discuss is covered under client-therapist privilege and I will never reveal it to anyone. I will ask occasionally if the pressure if alright and to make sure you are comfortable. 

What are the different types of massages?
The typical full body massage. Pressure varies based on the clients wishes.

Lighter pressure and with individually tailored massage oil.

-Deep Tissue: ​Often a physically more demanding massage that focuses on only certain areas of the body that need attention. Less likely to work on feet or arms and hands for example. Less relaxing. 

Less relaxing and more maintenance for the body to recover from sports or exercise. Much more movement of the client and talk as I will need to execute stretches 

​and complicated maneuvers. 

Pregnancy: ​Designed for expecting moms. Comfort and safety are a priority,  

Hawaiian Lomilomi-See the Hawaiian Lomilomi page 

Balinese Massage-A wonderful combination of East meets West. Combining elements of aromatherapy massage, reflexology foot massage, Indian Head Massage and thai stretching this massage aims to relax and connect the mind, body and spirit. 

Ayurvedic-An Indian form of full body massage using heated natural oils emphasizing Marma (energy) points along the body. Done from head to toe with strokes of varying speeds and pressure, this massage allows the therapist to take their time and focus on problem areas in depth. It is often called a combination Indian Head Massage, full body massage and reflexology session.

Combination/Holistic: Often this is the best fit for active clients. A bespoke massage combining many modalities. An example would be a 30-minute Deep Tissue massage of the back to remove knots, muscle tension and release any trapped energy; followed by a 60-minute Hawaiian Lomilomi full body massage to help relax the spirit, mind and body and finishing with a 30-minute reflexology session of your feet. 

Reflexology: Everyone can benefit from this natural, non-invasive therapy. Reflexology involves the massage/manipulation of your feet and hands to allow energy transfer across the ten zones/meridians of the body. It can be used as a one-off relaxation treatment or as a series of treatments to target specific health concerns on a regular basis. Reflexology encourages your body to heal itself.  Reflexology helps relax, balance and harmonize the body.

Reiki Healing: ​Reiki is a form of energy healing. Each of us has an energy force (field) around our bodies. This has been shown via modern medicine and measurements of our electro-magnetic field. When blockages occur in your energy fields illness and emotional distress happen. A reiki practioner can focus their energy to help individuals unblock their energy bottlenecks. Reiki uses thoughts, touch and energy to remove energy blockages. Ultimately it is the individual receiving Reiki who heals themself with the free flow of energy back around their body. This return to free flowing energy around the body comes when blockages either thru emotional, spiritual or mental illness prevents the energy of your body to balance. Reiki healing can be done during a massage treatment or as a treatment on its own or as part of a holistic combination session with a massage first then Reiki healing.