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Sam Hendricks Massage

-I just love client feedback and wanted to share some of the many thoughts and comments I have received over the past year....

-The massage and the environment that Sam creates is a real treat. The massage is beautifully relaxing and personally as an IBS sufferer I found my symptoms reduced for days after the Lomi-lomi massage!

​                                                           -Maria

​-Here is a link to a blog post written by one of my clients.

It provides a great description of my lomilomi massage. 

-That was the best massage I have ever had!

​                                                              -Elene

​-Lomi-lomi is amazing. I had no idea I could be so relaxed and high, legally and without chemicals! It is literally like you are on a raft floating on a river on a beautiful sunny day with warm rays of sunlight making you tingle all over. 


-Lomi-lomi is unique in the fact that the whole body is massaged from head to toe with rapid sweeping strokes, this results in an immersive, full body & mind experience like no other I have experienced from traditional massage. Now having experienced it I doubt I can go back to any other kind. After each session I feel balanced, relaxed and able to cope with whatever life presents. It's like pressing a big re-set button for body & mind!
Sam is a natural and if you're at all curious I would highly recommend you try him out!''                  -Issie.

-I couldn't recommend Sam and his colleague Natasha more. They both came to us for the day and gave massages to 14 of us on a hen party. They were both incredibly professional and the treatment was excellent. Everybody came away very happy with the treatment and very relaxed. The hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi) that Sam is trained in, is the best massage I have ever had!  

-Sam gives amazing massages - we can highly recommend him for Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy and Lomi Lomi massages.  Sam is punctual, professional and very personable, a great chap who cares about the wellbeing of his clients.

​                                                                   -Cathie


-I really would recommend Sam, he is so knowledgeable of so many different techniques which is great; each massage is tailor made to any issues you may have at that time. he is so friendly and trustworthy too, I always feel 100% better after each session. I would be lost without regular massages with him now.

                                                                      -Emily S. 


-I slept so well after your massage. Best nights sleep in months!                                                         -Susan


-As a single mum of two extremely active and busy kids, a full time teacher and a long-distance runner my body (and mind) are constantly under stress.  Sam's knowledgeable and wholistic approach to mind/body wellness, his willingness to combine techniques and his supremely professional manner consistently deliver a healing and balancing massage experience.                   -Anne


-I have been going to Sam Hendricks massage therapy for a couple of months now. Sam is amazing, he's very knowledgable and professional. He offers good quality massages at an affordable price. Definetly a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience, especially the Lomi Lomi massage. Looking forward to my next visit!



​-It’s an amazing experience where you can really just let things go and have a great sense of freedom!

​                                                                    -Crystal

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my massages from Sam which have included Lomi-Lomi and aromatherapy. The Lomi-Lomi experience was different as Sam uses sweeping strokes the length of the body and it also lasts longer. Sam is thoughtful, considers any issues you may have and I always feel relaxed and calm at the end.  Sam is professional, knowledgeable in his techniques and easy to get on with.  He is passionate about looking after not only the body but the mind and I certainly have benefitted from this. An enjoyable experience which is highly recommended."



Completely changed my weekend, I feel incredible now!



“All I can say is wow! A massage PLUS reflexology, I was floating on a cloud. Sam makes sure you are comfortable and happy at all times and I thoroughly recommend a treatment from him.” 

​                                                                    -Nicky


-As a cyclist your sports massages have helped me tremendously. Great combination of sports/deep tissue massage!     



-I feel 10 years younger thanks to your massages every 2 weeks!                                                       -Emma


 -Excellent Massage. Made to feel very comfortable and at ease. Great way to relax instantly. Will definitely be returning. Thank you.

​                                                                  -James


 -The Lomilomi massage was empowering! Best I have felt in months. No more tiredness. Now full of energy!